Backlinks Are Important…Right?


Over Time Backlinks Will Become Less Important – No Kidding

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, said in a video that backlinks, over time, will become a little less important. Matt did say that backlinks in the Google ranking algorithm still have many years left in them.

Matt explained that Google is focusing a lot now on working on ways to determine if a web page is meets the expectations of an expert user. They do this currently by looking at the links to the page, the reputation of the site and pages and the quality of the content on that particular page.

Matt Cutts added that for the “next few years” links aren’t going anyway and will still be used for determining reputation. But overtime, Google will rely a little bit less on links for reputation purposes. Over Time Backlinks Will Become Less Important

So – hopefully this isn’t breaking news to anyone that reads this. However, it does serve an important notice for those working right now and who constantly hear things like “link building is dead” or “building links is a waste of time”. No it isn’t – this is basically exactly what this message tells us. The other side of this is that building authority and moving away from possibly penalizing ranking maneuvers will pay off in the long term as, of course, Google and others will work to provide the best content for the consumer…if possible.

Over Time Backlinks Will Become Less Important

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