Video Views By Social Network

Speaking of social engagement and the importance of various social networks – I can across this article at reelSEO that had a great graphic:


So – that’s a pretty hefty amount of views originating at Tumblr!

When Adobe released their Q4 2013 Video Benchmark report there was one golden nugget of information that went largely unnoticed. Social network Tumblr is responsible for referring more average video starts than YouTube, Twitter and Reddit.  Additionally, Tumblr is producing nearly identical video view rates as Facebook, with over 1/3rd of referred visits producing a video start.

Furthermore, more than half of visits referred from Tumblr to sports-related Websites, resulted in a video view. 56% – that’s an incredibly high conversion rate in anyone’s book and if any brands and marketers have shunned Tumblr as part of their online video marketing strategy, they need to sit up and pay attention to the new data.

If you’re leaving out Tumblr from your network, especially if you’re looking to drive videos then you’re doing it wrong…

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